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Property Taxes

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In October of each year, the Property Appraiser’s office certifies the Hendry County Tax rolls to the Tax Collector. The tax rolls contain the Name and Mailing Address of the property owner, the parcel identification number, the legal description, the assessed value and exemptions for the property and the amount of taxes due. These records are used to create the tax bills that are mailed out by November 1st each year. Taxing authorities set the Millage Rate that is factored with the property assessment to calculate the property taxes for the year. Once taxes are paid, the Tax Collector distributes the taxes collected to the Taxing Authorities. The Taxing Authorities then use that money to provide services to the citizens of Hendry County.

Hendry County Tax Collector’s Office is dedicated to providing citizens of Hendry County with the most current information available. We also strive to provide the best service possible, online and in person.